CLOSED: Critique of 2500 words by Author Sarah McCarry (Le R)


Stabbing for your MS.

Former mysterious Rejectionista for a Fabulous NY Agency and now revealed Tool Advertisement, Sarah McCarry, author of the upcoming All Our Pretty Songs, is offering a critique of up to 2500 words of pretty much anything (fiction of all types, non-fiction proposals, including query, synopsis, what have you).

This auction is open for bidding until 11:59pm, Eastern Daylight Time, May 4th, 2012.

  1. Comment on THIS BLOG POST with your bid. Bidding starts at US$1.
  2. You may, of course, bid more than once.
  3. The highest bid at 11:59pm, Eastern Daylight Time, May 4th, 2012, will win.
  4. Once the auction closes, if you are the highest bidder, I will contact you with further instructions.
  5. Please DO NOT donate, send the file, etc., unless I email you! SERIOUSLY.
  6. And…go!

Did anyone else have an existential crisis upon the Sarah reveal? No?

About Sarah:

Passionate geek, fighter for social justice, and New York lover Sarah McCarry, also known as the Rejectionist (Le R), rose to publishing blogger prominence with her witty and caps-lock laden posts as a professional rejectionist for a mysterious New York literary agency. Since leaving that job to devote her life to writing an ode to Seattle, music, and Greek Tragedy (All Our Pretty Songs, spring 2013), she has also condescended to slave at several other jobs, not least of which is being office manager to a bunch of poets.

Sarah also has excellent taste in leggings. And she’s secretly super nice.

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